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Add the Fyuse viewer to your Android or iOS application, or your website, with only a few lines of code. It’s quick, easy, and FREE. Get started today.

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Get up and running with the following code examples


With a few lines of code, easily integrate Fyuses into your iOS app.

A Fyuse panoramic example
#include <FyuseViewerKit/FYFyuseView.h>
FYFyuseView *fyuseView = [[FYFyuseView alloc] init];
fyuseView.priority = FyusePriorityVisible;
fyuseView.placeholderFadeDuration = 0.15;
fyuseView.delegate = self;

[[FYFyuseManager sharedManager]
  requestFyuseWithUID:@"2apo8o4wbk" // fyuse ID
            onSuccess:^(FYFyuse *fyuse) {
                fyuseView.fyuse = fyuse;
            } onFailure: nil];
[self.view addSubview:fyuseView];


The Fyuse Viewer SDK is supporting all devices running Android version 19+

A Fyuse person mode example
import com.fyusion.sdk.common.FyuseSDK;
  .load("btnv2am5z1") // fyuse ID
Fyuse 360º car mode
<script src=""></script>
<div id="fyu_bcwbdqcotb" class="fyu_container fyu_horizontal"></div>
<script> FYU.add("bcwbdqcotb", "fyu_bcwbdqcotb"); </script>

360º Web viewer

The viewer consists of typical html5 mini application components, html, css, and js.

2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4

Why Fyuse?

Ultra Fast

(streamable, multiple LOD)


(camera modes, resolutions, effects)

Platform Agnostic

(mobile, web, AR/VR)

Cloud Powered

(AWS CDN worldwide)

Powering businesses globally

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